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Testing Instruments
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Digital Multimeter
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WACO-206 Solar Power Meter With 3 1/2 Digits LCD and 2000 Display Count. Ideal For Measuring Solar Radiation Emitted by Sun.

WACO-206 Solar Power Meter

Rs 8,800  7,900

  • 3½ Digit LCD Display
  • 2000 Display Count
  • Hold/Max/Min function
  • Type: Hand Held

WACO-195 RF Field Strength Meter 3 Axis Type. 4 1/2 Digits Maximum Reading 19999 and  Measurement Type Digital, Triaxial.

WACO-195 3 Axis RF Field Strength Meter

Rs 14,800  13,240

  • 4½ Digits 19999 Counts
  • Alarm & Clock Settings
  • Buzzer, Adjustable
  • Sample Rate:1.5 times/sec


WACO-102 Sound Level Meter

Rs 6,000  5,450

  • Auto Range
  • Pocket Type
  • Economical Type
  • Back Light LCD

WACO-290 Moisture Meter. Ideal For Measuring % Moisture of Wood, Building Material.

WACO-290 Moisture Meter

Rs 9,900  8,090

  • Measure Moisture of Wood
  • Hold Function
  • Back-light Function
  • Auto-power off function
  • Overview

Testing Instruments/Measuring Instruments are used in industries and workshops regularly for testing an measuring different electrical and mechanical parameters.  Electric testing instruments also called multimeters. There are analog and digital types. Digital multimeters have become popular due to their accuracy, lower least count and ease of use. Multimeters are used for measuring voltage, current, resistance, frequency and temperature.  In essence, they are a single instrument that can do the work of voltmeter, altimeter and ohmmeter.


A specific type of electric meter is clamp meter, which is used to measure multiple AC current streams flowing in a conductor.  It captures the vector sum of different currents flowing in the conductor.  This application makes clamp meter an essential electric testing instrument.


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