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  • 10mm
  • Aluminium: 20mm
  • Aluminum: 10mm
  • Aluminum: 13mm
  • Concrete: 10mm
  • Concrete: 13mm
  • Concrete: 16mm
  • Concrete: 18mm
  • Masonry: 10mm
  • Masonry: 13mm
  • Masonry: 15mm
  • Masonry: 16mm
  • Steel: 10mm
  • Steel: 12mm
  • Steel: 13mm
  • Steel: 6mm
  • Steel: 8mm
  • Wood: 10mm
  • Wood: 15mm
  • Wood: 17mm
  • Wood: 20mm
  • Wood: 25mm
  • Wood: 30mm
  • Wood: 32mm
  • Wood: 35mm
  • Wood: 6mm
  • 1100W
  • 350W
  • 400W
  • 450W
  • 500W
  • 550W
  • 590W
  • 600W
  • 640W
  • 650W
  • 701W
  • Cordless Drill/Driver
  • Drill with Kit
  • Impact Drill
  • Impact Drill - Metal
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Drills and Impact Drills

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An impact drill is a conventional hand tool equipped that allows for efficient drilling of masonry and concrete. Impact drills are used in multiple applications in factories and workshops due to the high torque they produce. The traditional drills are affordable, dependable, versatile, and they are great for both drilling and driving screws.  But an Impact drill has one overwhelming advantage over standard drills and drivers-enormous torque. Basically, that means you can drive a big screw with a small driver. They are also easy to use as most of the torque generated by the drill drives screws with low strain on the user’s arms and wrists.

The key buying criterion for an impact drill is the size of chuck. Popular sizes include 10mm and 13mm. The cordless variety of these sizes in popular brands like Bosch and Skill are the most popular options.  The other factor to consider is the power of the motor that drives the product. Usually simple hand held drills have motor powers ranging from 450-550w. Finally choose an impact drill that is ergonomically designed and easy to hold and use.

At smesauda, we are giving heavy discounts and low prices on Drills and Impact Drills (corded and cordless drills) from leading brands such as Bosch, Skil, Dewalt and Black & Decker. All prices are tax paid prices. Further, we provide FREE Shipping across India. Additional discounts for bulk enquiries!


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Date: July 20, 2013                   Author: Amit Prakash
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Date: April 03, 2013                   Author: Arvind Panwar
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