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  • Epson
  • Citizen
  • Heyday
  • Posiflex
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  • WiFi
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Receipt Printers

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TVS-E RP-45 Shoppe POS Printer with USB Interface. Popular Receipt Dot Matrix Printer.


Rs 10,500  9,500

  • 4"-58 Col Dot Matrix
  • Speed: 5 lines/sec
  • 1 Original + 1 Copy
  • Warranty: 1 Year

TVS-E 3150 Star USB Thermal Receipt Printer.

TVS-E 3150 Star USB Thermal Receipt Printer.

Rs 12,500  10,900

  • Printing Method: Thermal
  • Print Speed: 160 mm/sec
  • Print Head Life: 160 Km

TVS-E- POS RP 3200 Star USB Thermal Receipt Printer with USB Interface.  High Speed Thermal Printer

TVS-E- POS RP 3200 Star USB Receipt Printer

Rs 12,900  11,500

  • High Speed Printer
  • Auto-cutter,Logo Print
  • USB Interface
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Citizen CT-S 310II Printer with Autocutter and USB Interface. Free Shipping Across India

Citizen CT-S 310II

Rs 12,000  11,600

  • Cheapest Thermal Printer
  • Speed: 160mm/sec
  • Auto Cutter Facility
  • Warranty: 1 Year

TVS-E 3150 Star LAN Thermal Receipt Printer.

TVS-E 3150 Star LAN Thermal Receipt Printer.

Rs 13,500  11,900

  • Printing Method: Thermal
  • Print Speed: 160 mm/sec
  • Print Head Life: 160 Km

Heyday GP-U80300I Thermal Receipt Printer. USB+Serial+Ethernet Ports in One Model.

Heyday GP-U80300I Receipt Printer

Rs 13,000  12,500

  • Print Speed: 300mm/sec
  • Thermal Printer
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • USB+Serial+Ethernet 

Posiflex PP8000 Aura Thermal Receipt Printer Serie

Rs 13,900  12,500

  • Free Phone Support
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Epson TM-T82II Thermal Receipt Printer with Auto Cutter Facility (USB Port). Tax Paid Price. Free Shipping Across India

Epson TM-T82II Thermal Receipt Printer

Rs 15,299  14,400

  • Auto Cutter
  • Print Speed: 200 mm/sec 
  • Interface- Parallel + USB
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Epson TM-U220 Dot Matrix Receipt Printer with USB Interface. Tax Paid Price. Free Shipping Across India

Epson TM-U220

Rs 15,500  14,700

  • 3 Inch Paper Width
  • Speed: 4.7-6 lines/sec
  • 1 Original + 1 Copy
  • Warranty: 1 Year

TVS-E RP 3200 Star LAN High Speed Thermal Receipt Printer

TVS-E RP 3200 Star LAN Receipt Printer

Rs 15,900  14,700

  • TVS-E RP 3200 Printer
  • Print Speed: 200mm/sec

Epson TM-T88IV Thermal Receipt Printer With Great Speed of 200mm/sec, Easy drop-in paper loading and Long-lasting Autocutter Facility. Tax Paid Price. Free Shipping Across India

Epson TM-T88IV Thermal Receipt Printer

Rs 19,500  18,300

  • 3 Inch Paper Width
  • Speed: 200mm/sec
  • 2 Colour Printing
  • Warranty: 1 Year

  • Overview
  • FAQs
  • Buying Guide

Receipt printers (also known as Bill Printers) are an important part of a point of sale (POS) system, used to print orders and customer receipts. Whether you run a retail store, restaurant or even have a small business receipt printers are a good way to track orders and print customer receipts.

There are three different types of bill/POS printers depending on the printing method namely thermal based, dot-matrix based and inkjet based printers. Thermal bill printers are popular for their ease of printing, noiseless operation and fast printing speed. Dot-matrix printers are popular due to their economical prices.  If your company does not have many receipts/bills to print, then inkjet office printers can also be used for billing purposes. Some critical factors to consider before buying a POS printer include printing speed (no. of bills per minute), printing width, manual/auto-cutter mode and type of PC connectivity mode (serial, USB, parallel, Ethernet).  It is recommended that billing printers with battery back-up be bought if there are frequent power cuts.

These receipt printers & thermal printers work on both direct transfer (in which there is no ribbon usage; the heat from the print head melts the wax on the bill paper thus producing the contents of the bill) as well as thermal transfer where the head from the print head melts wax first from a ribbon which then settles on the paper on which they have been printed. Hence the name “Thermal Printers” is used interchangeably with a receipt printer.

The below infographic points out the difference between these two processes and a comparative in performance is also pointed out.

At smesauda, we are giving heavy discounts and low prices on receipt printers/bill printers (dot matrix printers, thermal printers and ink jet printers from leading brands such as TVS-E, WeP(Wipro), Epson, Citizen, Posiflex and Star Micronics. These brands of repute have carved a niche for themselves in the receipt printing space and have always been favourites for SMEs because of their competitive pricing, durability and prompt after sales support to enable your store to start clocking sales. All prices are tax paid prices. Further, we provide FREE Shipping across India. Additional discounts for bulk enquiries! Additionally we also provide Cash On Delivery services in select cities. You can check for your postal code and see if it falls in the delivery zone or not.

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Receipt Printers Receipt Printers Receipt Printers

1. Do you offer discounts on bulk purchase?

Yes, we do that. Please contact us at +91-9910605077 to know more about our bulk discounts

2. What payment modes can I use?

Smesauda facilitates payments for these thermal printers using debit cards and credit cards of all major banks. In addition, Net Banking, Cash on Delivery and Cheque on Delivery models are also facilitated

3. Can I Feed Serial Ports in the Printer?

Yes, all these printers come with Serial Ports.

4. Who would handle the installation of these receipt printers and thermal printers?

Smesauda has tied up with the brands to provide for installation of these receipt printers and thermal printers. There is a very nominal fee to getting them installed. In other words, you do not have to worry about installation for Smesauda will take care of it.

5. What drivers are preincluded in these thermal printers?

All Windows editions (98, 2000, XP, Vista, Win 7) are taken care of in installation.

6. Can I predefine the number of barcodes I want to print?

Yes, you can. You can predefine if you want to print 1, 10 or 100 logos on one sheet.

7. Are there any power-save modes in these printers?

All these thermal printers are equipped with sensors to understand period of low or zero activity akin to a computer in a standby mode. During those periods, a very low power standby mode is switched on, enabling power savings.

8. Where can I get these receipt printers serviced after they have run out of warranty?

TVS, Epson and WeP have a commendable after sales support network across the country. Their websites list all the service centers which handle diagnostics and after sales support.

9. Where can I find the drivers for my Star Micronics SP298?

All the drivers can be downloaded from this resource page
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