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POS Terminal/Cash Register

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Wep BP 20 PLUS Retail Billing Printers

Wep BP 20 PLUS Retail Billing Printers

Rs 10,900  11,449

  • Prints Bill on 2" Roll Paper
  • Store 2000 Items
  • Hotels, Shops and Cafes
  • Monthly Sales Report

TVS-E PT 262 POS Terminals/Cash Register with Inbuilt Battery Back-up. Suitable for Hotels/Cafes/Small Stores.

TVS-E PT 262 Cash Register

Rs 15,925  12,800

  • Battery-2 Hrs Backup
  • Hotels, Stores, Shops 
  • Stock Management
  • Retail Functions

TVS-E PT 2124K POS Terminals/Cash Register. Most Advanced Billing Machine Model.

TVS-E PT 2124K Cash Register

Rs 19,735  15,500

  • Battery-4 Hrs Backup
  • Advanced Billing M/c
  • Restaurants & Cafes
  • Stock Management

WeP BP 25T Plus with Inbuilt Battery Cash Register. Suitable for Grocery Stores, Restaurants and Clothes Stores. FREE Shipping in India

WeP BP 25T Plus Retail Billing Printer

Rs 14,900  15,999

  • With Battery backup
  • Clothes Stores, Shops
  • Stock Management
  • Warranty: 6 Months

WeP Bounti BP 85 Retail Billing Dot-Matrix Printer. Best Suited For:Grocery stores, Super markets and modern format stores. Free Shipping Across India

WeP Bounti BP 85 Retail Billing Printer

Rs 15,400  15,999

  • Store 2000 Items
  • 3 Rates Slab
  • Stock Management 
  • Impact/Dot-Matrix Print

WeP BP 85T with Inbuilt Battery Cash Register. Suitable for Grocery Stores, Restaurants and Sweet Shops. Best in Class Cash Register.

WeP BP 85T with Battery Cash Register

Rs 17,750  18,250

  • Prints Bill on 3" Roll Paper
  • Prints upto 2500 bills/day
  • 250 Items in a Single Bill 
  • Stock Report

Wep BP 5000 Plus The Complete All in One Retail Billing Printer.

Wep BP 5000 Plus Retail Billing Printer

Rs 30,200  31,999

  • Store 25000 Items
  • Number of Pins: 9
  • Stock Management 
  • Impact/Dot-Matrix Print

  • Overview
  • FAQs
  • Buying Guide

A POS Terminal or a cash register/billing machine is an electronic device for calculating and recording sales transactions and printing receipt for the customer. Cash Registers/Billing Machines are most commonly used at department store, restaurants, clothing store, or other profitable retail business. These POS Terminals offer businesses numerous benefits including tracking customer transactions and speeding checkout time.

Some factors to consider while buying an electronic cash register machine include bill width (2” or 3”), number of keys/buttons to enter sale/stock information, number of bills printed per minute, no of items that can be stored and size of display strip.  Billing machines often come with the standard capability to store up-to 2000 Items. Higher end cash registers machines can store up-to 10,000 items. Another important consideration is type of reports that can be generated from the product.  At a minimum, daily sales report, daily collection and item wise sales should be available. If there are frequent power cuts in your area, buy a billing machine with inbuilt back-up of 2-4 hours.

These billing machines and cash registers have an end-to-end functionality from tracking sales to generating cash reports which enable small businesses to stay in track with their stocking and understandings which product lines are moving off the shelves and which are not. Boasting of a support upto 6 cashiers/36 salesmen, these machines enable you to generate duplicate reports, manage stocks, identify the salespeople/clerks who did the sale with their name on the report and the bill, calculating surcharges, having different keys for discounting and price markups, font size change.

Other reports which are facilitated by the use of a billing machine are Price Look Up Reports, Department Wise Sale Reports, Term and Quarter Reports, Stocks and Returns Reports, Taxes, Margin Reports and Overall Profitability Reports.

The biggest brands in the billing machine & cash register space are TVS and WeP. These brands of repute have had a presence in the accounting machine segment since decades and their understanding of retail processes and consumers have resulted in products which are durable, sophisticated and robust in accordance with the environment they are used in. Installing cash registers and billing machines help us in making smarter everyday decisions about our business, the different product lines we deal with and subsequent profitability analysis on a small, concise and manageable level so as to streamlines our operations in sync with the consumer demands. An otherwise compact and small billing machine packs sufficient punch in order to help our small businesses grow and compete in the bigger league.

To buy TVS-E and WeP POS Terminals visit We are a reputed online seller of electronic cash registers/electronic billing machines in India. We also provide free shipping across India and Cash on Delivery payment option.


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1. Where Can I Use This Cash Register?

These Cash Registers can be used at a multitude of places like gift stores, restaurants, cash and carry stores, mom and pop retail outlets, clothing stores. Any business, which stocks inventory and has Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) should use these cash registers.

2. Who would handle the installation of these billing machines and cash registers?

Smesauda has tied up with the brands to provide for installation of these billing machines and cash registers. There is a very nominal fee to getting them installed. In other words, you do not have to worry about installation for Smesauda will take care of it.

3. Do you offer discounts on bulk purchase?

Yes, we do that. Please contact us at +91-9910605077 or email to know more about our bulk discounts

4. What payment modes can I use?

Smesauda facilitates payments for these cash registers using debit cards and credit cards of all major banks. In addition, Net Banking, Cash on Delivery and Cheque on Delivery models are also facilitated

5. How Do I View Reports From The Cash Register?

Through a process called "Polling" where the computer fetches the reports from the machine and prints them out. There are particular software’s installed in the computer which drive the "polling" process and it prints out reports in formats of cash deposited and withdrawn at every instant.

6. Which cash register brands do you stock?

We stock TVS and WEP brands, which cover all the bases required for seamless functioning of a store

7. Do you also equip the cash register with paper and ribbons?

Absolutely. All the machines dispatched have the necessary paper rolls and ink ribbons for kick starting the registers

8. Can I do the required programming for the machine?

Yes, you can. There are detailed instruction and specification sheets we send along with the cash register in case you want to dabble with the programming yourself.

9. Can I password protect my Cash Register?

Yes, you can. Both brands (TVS and WEP) come with inbuilt password lock registers so that only a select few can use the billing machine.

10. What is a "Clerk ID"?

A Clerk ID a string of alphanumeric letters that a cashier uses to draw out the registers.
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