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EPABX/Intercom System
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EPABX/Intercom System

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Rs.1,676/- Off on Matrix SIMADO GFX11 (GSM  FCT for Voice Applications with 1 GSM Port and 1 FXS Port). Free Shipping Across India.


Rs 7,826  6,150

  • GSM/3G Network
  • Restrict unwanted Calls
  • Hotline Extension Dialing
  •  Warranty: 1 Year

Flat Rs. 3113/- Off on Matrix VISIONPRO 206 EPABX System With 2 Trunk Lines and 6 Analog Extensions.

Matrix VISIONPRO 206 EPABX System

Rs 12,663  9,550

  • CLI Based Routing
  • Dual 3 Party Conferences
  • Auto Call Back
  • Extension: 6 Analog

Flat Rs. 3437/- Off on Matrix VISIONPRO-308 EPABX System With 3 Trunk Lines and 8 Analog Extensions.

Matrix VISIONPRO-308 EPABX System

Rs 14,837  11,400

  • CLI Based Routing
  • Dual 3 Party Conferences
  • 100% Non Blocking
  • Extension: 8 Analog

Flat Rs. 4648/- Off on Matrix VisionPro-412 EPABX System With 4 Trunk Lines and 12 Analog Extensions.

Matrix VisionPro-412 Intercom System

Rs 18,098  13,450

  • CLI Based Routing
  • Dual 3 Party Conferences
  • 100% Non Blocking
  • Extension: 12 Analog

Rs.  2978/- Off on Matrix Eternity NE3 IP-PBX With 3Line, 2 GSM Ports, 2 Digital Ext. & 6 Ext.  VoIP & GSM Compatible EPABX. Tax Paid Price. FREE Shipping Across India.

Matrix Eternity NE3 Digital (3 LineX 2 X 6 Ext.)

Rs 20,000  16,575

  • Auto-Answer 
  • Conference Dial-in
  • Hot Outward Dial
  • 6 Single Lines Telephone

Matrix Eternity NE4 IP-PBX With 4 Line, 2 Digital Extn. & 10 Extn. VoIP & GSM Compatible EPABX. Tax Paid Price. FREE Shipping Across India.

Matrix Eternity NE4 Digital (4 LineX 2X10 Ext.)

Rs 29,000  20,150

  • Conference Dial-in
  • Portable Extensions
  • Instant Messaging (IM)
  • 2 Digital Extn. & 10 Extn.

Rs.  5500/- Off on Matrix Eternity NE6 IP-PBX With 6 Line, 2GSM Ports, 2 Digital Extn. & 14 Extn. VoIP & GSM Compatible EPABX. Tax Paid Price. FREE Shipping Across India.

Matrix Eternity Digital (6LineX2X14Ext.)

Rs 29,000  24,200

  • Logical Partitioning
  • Return Call to Caller
  • Scheduled Call Forward
  • 2 Digital Extn. & 14 Extn.

Rs. 1934/- Off on Matrix SIMADO GFX44 (GSM  FXS Gateway with 4 GSM Port and 4 FXS Port). Free Shipping Across India.


Rs 27,000  25,066

  • GSM/FXS Voice Gateway
  • 4 GSM and 4 FXS Ports
  • Intelligent router
  • 4 GSM SIM & 4 FXS Ports

Panasonic EPABX KX-TES 824BX Advanced Hybrid System  with 3 Lines* 16 Extensions (Expandable UPTO 8 line to 24 extn.).

Panasonic Hybrid EPABX (3 Line X 16 Ext.)

Rs 28,075  25,750

  • Call Transfer
  • 3 Way Conference Call
  • External Call Forwarding
  • Extensions: 16

Flat Rs. 6500/- Off on Matrix Eternity PE 3SP Model. PBX With 6 Lines/18 Extensions.TAX Paid price.Free Shipping Across India.

Matrix Eternity Analog EPABX (6 Line X 18 Ext.)

Rs 35,800  29,300

  • Inbound Call Analysis
  • CLI Based Routing 
  • Live Call Supervision
  • Extensions:18

Rs.3,500/- Off on Matrix Eternity PE 3SP Model PBX With 6 Lines/2 DKP Extension/16 Extensions. TAX included in price. FREE Shipping Across India.

Matrix Eternity Digital (6Line X 2 X 16 Ext.)

Rs 38,000  34,500

  • 3 Way Conference Call
  • Direct inward Dialing
  • External Call Forwarding
  • Extensions: 18

Panasonic EPABX KX-TES 824BX Advanced Hybrid System  with 8 Lines* 24 Extensions. Free Shipping Across India.Tax Paid

Panasonic Hybrid EPABX (8 Line X 24 Ext.)

Rs 43,075  38,200

  • 3 Party Conference Call
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Splitting
  • Extensions: 24

Panasonic EPABX KX-TDA 100D model with 8 lines * 4 Digital * 16 extension.Tax Paid Price

Panasonic Digital EPABX (8 LineX4DLC X 16 Ext.)

Rs 50,975  48,000

  • Complete Call Accounting
  • Call Forwarding
  • Auto Call Back
  • Extension: 20

Rs.5500/- Off on Matrix Eternity PE 6SP Model PBX With 6 Lines, 2 Digital Ext. & 32 Extn. TAX Paid price. FREE Shipping Across India.

Matrix Eternity Digital (6LineX2X32 Ext.)

Rs 54,000  48,500

  • CLI Based Routing
  • Allowed and Denied List
  • Auto Call Back
  • Extension: 34

Matrix Eternity NE6 IP-PBX, VOIPO Card, GSM Card a

Rs 60,000  48,500

  • Portable Extensions
  • System Call Back
  • Remote Management

Panasonic EPABX KX-TDA 100D model with 8 lines * 4 Digital * 24 extension. Tax Paid Price

Panasonic Digital EPABX (8 coX4DLC X 24 Ext.)

Rs 53,000  52,775

  • Auto Redial
  • Call Splitting
  • Call Transfer
  • Extension: 28

Rs.4400/- Off on Matrix Eternity PE 6SP Model PBX With 6 Lines,2 Digital Ext. & 40 Ext. Tax Paid Price. Free Shipping Across India.

Matrix Eternity Digital (6LineX2X40 Ext.)

Rs 57,400  53,000

  • Inbound Call Analysis
  • Hotline
  • CLI Based Routing
  • Extension: 42

Panasonic EPABX KX-TDA 100D model with 8 lines * 4 Digital * 32 extension. Shipping Free.Tax Paid Price

Panasonic Digital EPABX (08 CoX4DLCX 32 Ext.)

Rs 70,975  65,550

  • Direct inward Dialing
  • External Call Forwarding
  • Call Splitting
  • Extensions: 36

  • Overview
  • FAQs
  • Buying Guide

EPABX systems are necessary for managing internal and external telephone calls within an office. A good EPABX system with advanced features can help office staff members get important messages, monitor telephone usage, and manage calls over a large office among other benefits. EPABX are usually charged based on features, number of extensions and number of inward telephone lines.

Improvement in technology has led to EPABX with many advanced features such as external call forwarding, direct inward dialing, extension wise usage limits, call pickup and call splitting. Since EPABX systems come with many features, it is good to understand your requirements from intercom systems.

EPABX systems are also known as intercom systems and are available under many brands. Most EPABX dealers only carry a single brand. However at Smesauda, SMEs can find many popular brands under one roof with a detailed listing of features. Our EPABX deals offer attractive discounts to our SME members across popular brands such as Panasonic, Accord and Matrix.


We supply EPABX/Intercom systems across New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai and all major cities.


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1. What does 1X3, 2X6 etc mean in EPABX configuration?

The first digit stands for number of telephone lines and second digit refers to extensions.  So 1X3 means 1 line and 3 extensions

2. What is the difference between analog and digital epabx?

There are major differences in analog and digital epabx.  The difference emanates from the technology used in the EPABX.  Digital EPABX work on transmitting voice between IPs and does not require a separate cabling for office.  The data networking cable is used for transmitting voice between extensions.  The telephone instrument at extension has to be IP enabled. It can even be a Computer/laptop.  Analog EPABX are traditional EPABXs that rely on copper cables linkages between extensions to transmit office.  The EPABX box uses switches (not to be confused with networking switch) to transfer analog signals within an office.

3. What are the benefits of digital epabx/intercom over analog epabx/intercom?

Digital EPABX are much cheaper to layout as the same networking cables (used for data transmission) can be used for transmitting voice.  In an analog system, there is additional cost of laying out the voice wires. The systems themselves are cheaper than analog systems (especially for higher extension models).   Many analog systems give inferior performance when all the extensions are used at once.  This is not an issue with digital EPABX.  Finally both telephone instruments and computer soft-phones can be used at extensions.   Digital EPABX can also be used with VOIP phones for international calling also.

Another big advantage is ease of scalability. In Analog Systems, it is not always easy to add extensions on any existing network as the existing EPABX Box have maximum extensions restrictions.  There are no such restrictions in Digital EPABX. 

4. How do I decide on the EPABX Configuration to buy for a small office?

Most offices tend to have at least two direct phone lines.  So any EPABX configuration for a small office should at least have two lines.   Similarly while deciding on extensions in an analog epabx , it is better to account for some future expansion rather than buying on meeting existing requirements.  So if your current extension requirement is six, buy at least  eight extension model

5. What are the important features to look for while buying EPABX?

EPABX nowadays come with many features and it can be confusing for a buyer to separate the important features from the less critical ones.  Some of the must have features include
• Call Forwarding- This ensures that the calls to busy/unattended extensions are not left unanswered. The calls are forwarded to an alternate contact point in the office or even to a cell number of the employee(EPABX specific feature)
• Welcome Message- This feature is a must-have nowadays as it helps present a professional image of the company while also helping callers reach the right person in the office
• Call Blocking- While STD Calls have become much cheaper compared to yesteryears , they are list expensive relative to local calls.  Call Blocking allows you to restrict STD/ISD calling only to certain extensions.
• FCT Calling- FCT stands for Fixed Cellular Terminal .  This is an attachment to the standard EPABX and very useful for those offices with a  large number of external cellular calls.  This converts the landline to mobile call to mobile-to-mobile call thus resulting in low cellular expenses.
• Call Waiting- This plays pleasant music or important communication to callers while they are on hold

6) What are the popular brands in EPABX?

Panasonic, Matrix, NEC are among the popular brands in EPABX used by many offices across India. Smesauda deals in most popular brands of EPABX.
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Date: November 11, 2014
Looking for PRI + 24 SLT + 1 VOIP card to connect to to site
Lalit Sharma
Date: September 17, 2014
we are looking for a simple EPBX/intercom set for interconnecting 10 people within office No external line required. send your lowest offer. this is required at gurgaon
Date: January 25, 2014
sunil vashisht
Date: November 06, 2013
We need system for 3 MTNL lines with 15 extensions Pl. send specifications and rates with installation and any other charges. This office is located in Khan Market. N. Delhii 110003
Mr. Shaukat Ali
Date: September 03, 2013
nitin jagtap

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