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  What SmeSauda offers to Vendors

  • No Cost advertising and business development option for your business through a high traffic website specially created for small medium enterprises
  • Use one of the hottest online concepts now-Group Buying to target many business customers at one go and increase sales multiple times!
  • Offer customized package/deals to new customers to sell slow moving inventory, test new services, use idle capacity, increase sales during lean period and to boost sales in general
  • Generate buzz for your business when purchasers use social media to rally friends, business associates, references and family to buy into the deal and get their group discount!
  • Fast promotion of new deals through daily and weekly deal notifications to customers
  • Provide special and exclusive deals to paid premium members across industries or in a industry
  • Get access to current customer requirements through our RFD (Request for Deal) Option
  • Enjoy additional visibility due to coverage in user reviews, promotional sections such as 'Vendor of the Month' and featured vendor profiles.

  Some illustrations of deals

Give Discounts subject to group size
  • A Computer wholesaler uses SmeSauda to provide discounts subject to a minimum group of five
Move non-selling inventory
  • A laptop dealer gives substantial discounts on SmeSauda to move stock of older models
Initiate trial of service by new customers
  • An IT maintenance and services company provides two weeks free IT maintenance for new customers
Provide introductory offers for a new service
  • A website design company offers special discounts for a new hosting service
Provide off-season discounts to push sales during slow/off-season
  • A air conditioner dealer offers off-season discounts for pushing sales of ACs in off-season

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