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Tenmars TM-201 LUX/FC Light Meter. Tax Paid Price with Free Shipping Across India

Tenmars TM-201 LUX/FC Light Meter

Rs 6,900  6,810

  • 3½ digits LCD
  • Overload indication
  • Data Hold Feature



Tenmars TM-202 Digital Lux/FC Light Meter. 3 1/2 digits LCD display with maximum reading 2000.

Tenmars TM-202 Digital Lux/FC Light Meter

Rs 9,500  9,060

  • Overload Indication
  • DC Analog Output
  • Max/Min/AVG Hold
  • 3½ Digits LCD Display


Tenmars Digital Thermometer TM-82N K/J Type. Highly accurate thermometer with 0.05% basic acuracy for precise measurment.

Tenmars TM-82N K/J Type Digital Thermometer

Rs 10,000  9,970

  • Dual Input
  • °C/°F Switchable
  • Dual LCD 5-Digit Display
  • Max/Min/Avg Hold


Tenmars TM-206 BTU Solar Power Meter. 3 1/2 digits LCD display with maximum reading of 2000.

Tenmars TM-206 BTU Solar Power Meter

Rs 13,000  10,280

  • 3½ Digits LCD Display
  • Display Units: W/m2/BTU
  • Data Hold/ MAX/MIN
  • Warranty: 1 Year


Flat Rs. 1490/- Off On Tenmars TM-183 Temperature/Humidity Meter.Dual display of temperature and humidity, Stores up to 200 readings.

Tenmars TM-183 Temperature/Humidity Meter

Rs 13,000  11,510

  • Dual Display
  • Alarm Alert Function
  • Stores upto 200 Readings
  • Auto-Power Off


Tenmars TM-207 Solar Power Meter With 3 1/2 digits LCD display with maximum reading of 2000 and Data Hold/ MAX/MIN functions.

Tenmars TM-207 Solar Power Meter

Rs 13,000  12,000

  • External Sensor
  • 3½ Digits LCD Display
  • Max.Reading 2000
  • Display Units: W/m2/BTU


Tenmars TM-101 Sound Level Meter/Noise Meter With AC/DC signal output and 30-130dB, LO 30-80dB, MED 50-100dB, HI 80-130dB Test Ranges.

Tenmars TM-101 Sound Level Meter

Rs 14,000  13,000

  • IEC 61672, Type II
  • 30~130dB
  • LO, MED, HI Ranges
  • AC/DC Signal Output


Flat Rs. 2050/- Off On Tenmars TM-404 Anemometer With 30mm 6 plastics blade, Light air response 0.4m/s and Max/Min/Avg and data hold.

Tenmars TM-404 Anemometer

Rs 18,000  15,950

  • 30mm 6 Plastics Blade
  • Light Air Response 0.4m/s
  • Back-light Function
  • Capacity:99 Records


Tenmars TM-414 Anemometer With 45mm 4 plastics vane, Air flow calculates function and High sensitivity of 0.4m/s.

Tenmars TM-414 Anemometer

Rs 22,000  20,370

  • Humidity Sensor
  • 45mm 4 Plastics Vane
  • Max/Min/Avg/Data Hold
  • Capacity: 99 Records


Tenmars TM-507 Insulation Tester. 4 digit LCD display, Measures AC and DC voltages: 0V to 600V.

Tenmars TM-507 Insulation Tester

Rs 28,000  25,880

  • Continuity Test
  • 4 Digit LCD Display
  • AC/DC Voltages: 0V-600V
  • Auto Discharge


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