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iBall Barcode Stand
iBall Barcode Stand

You Pay: Rs 950        Retail: Rs 995

You Pay: Rs 2,375        Retail: Rs 2,760
Argox AS-8000
Argox AS-8000

You Pay: Rs 2,750        Retail: Rs 3,499
iBall Cs-153
iBall Cs-153

You Pay: Rs 3,100        Retail: Rs 3,490

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Flat Rs. 385/- OFF on TVS-E BS-C101 STAR Barcode Scanner/Reader. FREE Shipping in India


Rs 2,760  2,375

  • 1D CCD Scanner
  • Scan distance:330mm
  • Indicator: Blue LED

Flat Rs. 749/- OFF on Argox AS-8000 Barcode Scanner/Reader. FREE Shipping in India

Argox AS-8000

Rs 3,499  2,750

  • Scan Speed: 100 scan/sec
  • 2048 Pixel CCD Scanner
  • Indicator: Green LED 

Flat Rs. 700/- OFF on Honeywell MS5145 Laser Barcode Scanner/Reader. FREE Shipping in India

Honeywell MS5145

Rs 4,000  3,300

  • Laser Scanner
  • Single-line Scan Pattern
  • Scan Speed: 2 scan/sec

Flat Rs. 1550/- OFF on Motorola Symbol LS1203 General Purpose Bar Code Scanner/Reader. FREE Shipping in India

Motorola Symbol LS1203 Barcode Scanner

Rs 5,300  3,750

  • 1D Laser Scanner
  • Single-line Scan Pattern
  • Multiple Interfaces

Flat Rs. 550/- OFF on TVS BS-C 103 Platina Scanner Handheld High Speed 1D Linear Scanner. FREE Shipping in India

TVS BS-C 103 Platina Scanner Handheld

Rs 4,350  3,800

  • 1D Linear Scanner
  • Scan rate of 300mm
  • 32bit micro processor unit

Flat Rs. 900/- OFF on Argox AS-8250 Long Range Linear Barcode Scanner/Reader. FREE Shipping in India

Argox AS-8250

Rs 4,850  3,950

  • Scan Speed:200 scans/sec
  • Indicator: Green LED
  • 2048 Pixel CCD Scanner

Flat Rs. 1550/- OFF on Honeywell MS 1250g Voyager Barcode Scanner/Reader.

Honeywell MS 1250g

Rs 7,000  5,450

  • Single-Line Laser Scanner
  • Ergonomic Design
  • CodeGate® Technology

Flat Rs. 2350/- OFF on Motorola Symbol LS2208 General Purpose Bar Code Scanner/Reader without Stand. Hot offer! FREE Shipping in India

Motorola Symbol LS2208 Barcode Scanner without Sta

Rs 8,000  5,650

  • 1D Laser Scanner
  • 5 year warranty
  • Lightweight Design

Flat Rs.1000/- OFF on Mindeo MD 2230+ 1D Handheld Barcode Laser Scanner. Free Shipping in India.

Mindeo MD 2230+ Handheld Barcode Scanner

Rs 7,500  6,500

  • Handheld Laser Scanner
  • Indicator: Beeper
  • 650nm laser diode

Flat Rs. 865/- OFF on TVS-E BS- L 104 Platina 5X High Speed Scanning Experience PDF 417 Compatibility Barcode Scanner. FREE Shipping Across India

TVS-E BS- L 104 Platina Barcode Scanner

Rs 7,865  7,000

  • 1D Laser Scanner
  • Scan Speed: 500 scan/sec
  • Weight : 148 Grams

Flat Rs. 3130/- OFF on Honeywell ORBIT MS 7120 TableTop Barcode Scanner. Omnidirectional and excellent at reading. Free Shipping in India

Honeywell ORBIT MS 7120

Rs 15,000  11,870

  • TableTop Scanner
  • Omni-Directional Scanning
  • Adjustable Scan Head

Flat Rs. 2000/- OFF on Motorola Symbol LS9208 TableTop High Speed Bar Code Scanner. FREE Shipping in India

Motorola Symbol LS9208 Barcode Scanner

Rs 14,000  12,000

  • Omni-Directional Scanning
  • Single-line Scan Pattern
  • TableTop Model

Flat Rs. 1805/- OFF on TVS-E BS- L 301 Platina TableTop Barcode Scanner-Convenient Scanning Solutions for your Retail Store.  FREE Shipping Across India

TVS-E BS- L 301 Platina Barcode Scanner

Rs 14,805  13,000

  • Omni-Directional Scanning
  • Scan Speed: 1200scan/sec
  • TableTop Scanner

Flat Rs.2650/- OFF on Mindeo MD 6200 2D + 1D Handheld Image Barcode Scanner. FREE Shipping Across India.

Mindeo MD 6200 Barcode Scanner

Rs 15,750  13,100

  • Mention 2D+ 1D Scanner
  • Image Size 838x640 Px
  • Indicator: Beeper, LED

Flat Rs. 550/- OFF on TVS-E BS- L 201 2D Scanning Solutions for 2D Applications Barcode Scanner. FREE Shipping Across India

TVS-E BS- L 201 2D Barcode Scanner

Rs 14,500  13,950

  • 2D Laser Scanner
  • Image Capturing
  • Auto Sense/Hand Free

Flat Rs. 600/- OFF on Honeywell Xenon 1900 USB 2D Barcode Scanner. FREE Shipping in India

Honeywell Xenon 1900 USB 2D Barcode Scanner

Rs 14,600  14,000

  • USB 2D Scanner
  • Three Focal Options
  • Image Scanner

Flat Rs.3700/- OFF on Mindeo MS 3390 3 In 1 Mobile/Portable Bluetooth Laser Scanner. Compact Pocket Size Barcode Scanner with Memory and Barcode Validation features.

Mindeo MS 3390 Mobile Scanner

Rs 19,950  16,250

  • Memory Scanner
  • Portable Scanner
  • Bluetooth Enabled

Flat Rs. 1250/- OFF on Argox AS-8020 Cordless/Wireless CCD Barcode Scanner. Light Weight, Ergonomic Design and General Purpose reader which cover the broadest range of application. Free Shipping in India

Argox AS-8020 CL Barcode Scanner

Rs 18,000  16,750

  • 2048 Pixel CCD Scanner
  • Scan Speed: 300 scan/sec
  • Cordless/Wireless Scanner

Flat Rs. 1700/- OFF on Argox AS-8520 Long Range Cordless Barcode Scanner/Reader. Free Shipping Across India.

Argox AS-8520 Cordless Barcode Scanner

Rs 19,000  17,300

  • Scan speed: 450 scan/s
  • Cordless/Wireless Scanner
  • Radio range: 100 meters

Flat Rs. 1400/- OFF on Motorola Symbol LS4278 Cordless General Purpose Bar Code Scanner. FREE Shipping in India

Motorola Symbol LS4278 Cordless Barcode Scanner

Rs 20,500  19,100

  • 1D Laser Scanner
  • Scanning within a 50-ft
  • Cordless barcode scanner

Flat Rs.500/- OFF on Mindeo CS 3290 Cordless 1D Laser Barcode Scanner. High Performance Wireless Scanner

Mindeo CS 3290 Barcode Scanner

Rs 21,000  20,500

  • Wireless 1D laser scanner
  • 160,000 scan per charge
  • 200 mtr working range

Flat Rs. 4200/- OFF on Motorola MC2100 Handheld Mobile Computer. FREE Shipping in India

Motorola MC2100 Handheld Mobile Computer

Rs 34,500  30,300

  • Wireless data Comm.
  • 1D Linear imager
  • Rechargeable battery

  • Overview
  • FAQs
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A barcode is symbol which consists of black and white bars. The data about the product is stored in this symbol, and it is archived by the barcode scanner or a barcode reader when it throws light on the black and white bars. The reflection converts the bars into binary digits, which spells the details about the particular item. It is also known as a point of sale scanner or a POS scanner. The reader consists of a decoder which may be built internally or attached externally to the machine, a wire that connects the scanner with the computer. As the scanner converts the image into numbers, the information should be passed to the computer so that software installed in it could make sense of the data that has been transferred to it. A scanner can be connected to the system through a number of ways, such as a keyboard or a serial port or a wedge which is an interface instrument. When the reader throws a beam of rays across the black and white bars the light is reflected back, which is then converted to electrical energy from light energy after which it gets translated to the data which is sent to the computer.  These may also be used to read the codes of the medicines. Read more on this here.

Various Kinds of barcode readers

Technology that has been used

Barcode scanners can be differentiated by their technology as follows:

Pen Style readers

They were the first of its kind barcode readers. The Pen style barcode scanner has a source of light and a photodiode that is kept alongside each other. To read the barcode image the person should move the tip of the pen style reader across the black and white bars at a regular speed. The photodiode in the scanner then reads the intensity of the light across the barcode. After which a waveform is created from the photodiode that can measure the size of the bars. The scanner reflects the light from the white spaces and it absorbs the light from the black bars, that generates a voltage waveform from the photodiode and that signifies the image pattern of the barcode.

Laser scanners

They work in a similar fashion as that of a pen style barcode scanner, with only a little difference in the working. A laser scanner has a laser scanner uses a laser beam instead of a source of light, it also has a reciprocating or a prism that rotates to scan the laser beam back and forth across the bars. The similarity between both these scanners is that the light is emitted through the scanner changes its brightness, provides a range of options to choose the kind of laser scanners that would suit your requirement:

1) Honeywell MS5145- This laser scanner has a single line scan pattern, with a speed of 2 scan/sec.

2) TVS-E BS-L101 Platina- This 1D laser scanner has a scan speed of 40 scan/sec and it has a blue LED.

3) Motorola Symbol LS1203- 1D laser scanner with single line scan pattern and has multiple interfaces.

CCD readers

A CCD barcode scanner has a lot of tiny light sensors that are placed in a row which is at the head of the barcode scanner. Each light sensor is used to gauge the intensity of light that is in front of it at that moment. A big difference between all these three barcode scanners is that a CCD scanner gauges the ambient light which is emitted by the barcode image, whereas a pen style reader or a laser scanner measures the light that is reflected by the black and white bars.  

Camera-based readers

The latest kind of barcode readers are the camera based scanners. These are 2D image readers, and it employs the image processing technique to scan the barcode image.

Another kind of barcode scanners is the video camera scanners that have a tiny video camera and it uses the CCD technology to scan the barcode. Unlike the CCD scanners these videos canners have a multitude of sensors that are placed in a 2D pattern so that an image can be formed.  

There are big field of view readers that employ very high resolution industrial cameras to read multiple barcodes simultaneously Every barcode that appears in the image is decoded at the same time by using the plugins those were proven options to resolve the task.

Omni directional barcode scanners

These scanners employ a multitude of straight and curved lines in different directions that take the shape of a starburst or a multiple angle pattern that is projected at the image and it will be able to scan the black and white bars irrespective of the orientation.

All these scanning devices use a laser. It produces an array of beams in different orientation that allows them to read the barcodes at any given angle. A single rotating polygonal mirror as well as a pattern of many fixed mirrors is used to create a complex scanning pattern. Read more on this here.

Barcode readers that are used in the supermarkets use an Omni directional scanner to fulfill their business requirements. A wide range of Omni directional readers are available in the market, which can be used for any kids of scanning practices. They can scan even the badly printed, torn or wrinkled barcodes. Omni directional scanners are available at

Motorola Symbol LS9208

Cell phone cameras

An auto focus is necessary for the cameras to scan the commonly used barcodes, but some of the 2D barcodes are optimized for cell phone devices, QR codes and Data Matrix can be read easily even without auto focus.

Fixed Position Scanner

These scanners are industrial barcode scanners which are used to identify the items that are manufacturing stage or in logistics. First they are placed on the conveyor track through which they recognize the cartons or pallets that are to be sent to some other place or process. Another application that has joined the holographic readers which has a check weighed to scan the barcodes that can be of any orientation or placement, it can also weigh the package.

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1. How does a barcode scanner function?

A barcode scanner uses an algorithm to read the mis of black and white mashed lines which in turn represent a piece of text. This text is in an encoded form and contains details like product information, prices etc.
2. What types of barcodes are used?

Barcodes are broadly 1D and 2D. The liner black and white lines are 1D and the amount of information they hold is less than a 2D barcode. 2D barcodes are cryptic and often in the shapes of squares and circles, and hold more information than a conventional 1D barcode
3. How many words of text can fit in a barcode?

1D barcodes typically see a set of 7-8 words while 2D barcodes can fit a set of 300-400 words
4. Do barcode scanners use some sort of software to run?

No, they do not. They just replicate your computer's keyboard and understand the encoding in the barcode.
5. What is the maximum range of a wireless barcode scanner?

Anywhere between 20-50 feet
6. What is the length of the wire in a wired scanner?

Somewhere between 5.5-6 feet
7. Do you offer discounts on bulk purchase?

Yes we do that. Please contact us at +91-9910605077 to know more about our bulk discounts

8. What payment modes can I use?

Smesauda facilitates payments for these barcode scanners using debit cards and credit cards of all major banks. In addition, Net Banking, Cash on Delivery and Cheque on Delivery models are also facilitated
9. Who would handle the installation of these barcode scanners?

Smesauda has tied up with the brands to provide for installation of these barcode readers and scanners. There is a very nominal fee to getting them installed. In other words, you do not have to worry about installation for Smesauda will take care of it.
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