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logo Investment or a Loan? How to Fund Your Small Business
Date: December 31, 2013                   Author: Arti Garg
When planning to start a business, the first and the foremost thing that comes to your mind is money. Money is a crucial factor in running a business and more importantly for start-up. For the funding of the capital, a business plan detailing each and everything about the business, predicting the ca  more...
logo Financing Options for a Small Business
Date: December 07, 2013                   Author: Arti Garg
If you are keen on starting a new business and have a great idea to do so, do not let the lack of funding be a hindrance. There are many financing agencies who lend money to potential small businesses. These financing institutions or agencies can comprise of banks, venture capitalists, angel investo  more...
logo How to Obtain a Small Business Loan
Date: November 26, 2013                   Author: Arti Garg
The success of any company defends on the cash flow or ability of the owner in obtaining adequate finances. Whether you are planning to start a new business or you need monetary help in an existing business, securing a business loan needs certain amount of planning. Before approaching any financial   more...
logo Business Plan for Startups
Date: October 04, 2012                   Author: Arvind Panwar
Writing a business plan is a crucial step in starting your own business. A business plan that outlines your product/service value proposition, expected costs and investments, go to market strategy and returns is an essential prerequisite for fund raising. A plan can help you move forward, make decis  more...
logo How to Manage Working Capital Better
Date: August 14, 2012                   Author: Priyankar Baid
Working Capital is a lifeline for any small business as it's needed to meet expense and purchase requirements while we wait for customer payments to arrive. It is also an often invisible form of investment as it happens mostly due to timing difference between expense/purchase payment and  more...
logo Export Financing Options for Exporters
Date: July 23, 2012                   Author: Priyankar Baid
Exports are an important and critical factor in Indian economy as they bring in valuable foreign exchange, generate employment and contribute to GDP growth. Given the criticality of exports to Indian economy, different financial institutions have different credit programs to promote exports. Export  more...
logo Pros and Cons Of Angel Investing
Date: May 05, 2012                   Author: Pooja Kumar
Like every other funding option, angel investing also has its fair share of pros & cons. The only fortunate thing is that, the pros of angel investing seem to outweigh the cons. The recent past has seen endless angle investors looking to invest in start-up companies. While some are ready to make t  more...
logo Understanding the CGMSE Financing Scheme for SMEs
Date: February 18, 2012                   Author: Priyankar Baid
CGMSE stands for Credit Guarantee Fund Scheme for Micro and Small Enterprises Indian economy is dominated by small businesses across diverse sectors such as retail, wholesale trade, services, real estate and anufacturing. The small companies are also a large source of employment across India. Accor  more...
logo Managing Working Capital in a Small Medium Enterprises
Date: February 04, 2012                   Author: Priyankar Baid
Working Capital constraints are an ever present challenge for most small medium businesses in India. Working Capital is simplistically the timing difference between receiving money from outstanding customer balances versus cash outflows for expenses and stock. Working Capital usually occurs because  more...
logo Start-up Accounting
Date: January 14, 2012                   Author: Priyankar Baid
Start-ups(new companies)are an integral part of a vibrant economy. They contribute significantly (disproportionate to their size) towards new idea creation, new technology and exciting products and services. Since Start-ups work in an environment of low resources and limited funding (generally), a  more...
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