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logo MCCB Purpose and Use in Homes and Factories
Date: August 20, 2014                   Author: Sandeep Singh
MCCB is the acronym for molded case circuit breaker and its chief function is to break the circuit at the commencement of an undesirable event in an electrical circuit. MCCB is used to save space and is recognized widely for its compactness and ease of installation on panel boards. They are availabl  more...
logo Annunciators and what they do in Enhancing Safety
Date: August 18, 2014                   Author: Arti Garg
Safety is a major concern in all industrial establishments, especially in large scale operations and in aircrafts. The purpose of an Annunciator is to forewarn the operator or pilot that there is somewhere a malfunction and immediate steps need to be taken to set it right or bring the process to an   more...
logo Working of Contactors, Components and Care
Date: August 16, 2014                   Author: Arti Garg
Power contactors work very much like a relay switch, the biggest difference being that contactors are used in heavy duty equipment and power distribution. Like in the relay switches, power contactors use a small voltage to switch on a circuit that operates at very high voltage and ampere ratings. Po  more...
logo Understanding the Use of Relays and Different Types
Date: August 14, 2014                   Author: Sandeep Singh
The simplest meaning of relay is an electrically operated switch. Relays are made by using the electromagnet principle. There are still many other relays like the solid-state relays for example. The main use for relays comes when it is necessary to control an electrical circuit with a low-power. Rel  more...
logo Uses, Types and Benefits of Changeover Switches
Date: August 12, 2014                   Author: Sandeep Singh
To keep productivity at its highest, electrical equipment must run continuously. However, it is a fact of life that in many places, there will be power cuts and disruptions very frequently. That is the reason why it is important to have an alternate source of electricity for electrical equipments. T  more...
logo EPABX System - A High Utility Device
Date: December 21, 2013                   Author: Arvind Panwar
EPABX - Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange is one of the best telecommunication devices ever to be introduced in the market. This amazing product has created a revolution in the field of telecommunication and it is the preferred choice among corporate, individuals and homemakers. This tele  more...
logo Get Quick And Efficient Binding Done With Latest Binding Machines
Date: December 16, 2013                   Author: Amitanshu Kumar
When you need to secure a huge number of sheets of paper together it is essential is to make use of a binding machine. Such a machine can secure lot of papers and give you a neat booklet in which papers containing crucial information can be put together. It can also be used to secure plain paper to   more...
logo Speed Up Customer Billing With Latest Billing Machines
Date: December 10, 2013                   Author: Amit Prakash
As a retail outlet, you need to process cash transactions that happen every day, make a record of them, collect money and give back change. Such activities can be performed quickly and efficiently by making use of billing machines. These machines help to prevent errors in billing and are perfectly t  more...
logo What is a Micrometer Caliper?
Date: December 06, 2013                   Author: Sandeep Singh
A micrometer caliper is a measurement instrument that is used to find the measurement of small objects. It is widely used in electronic and mechanical engineering fields to measure the size of small objects. The device is used to measure small angles and distances accurately without any errors. It c  more...
logo What is a Wireless Presenter Device?
Date: December 05, 2013                   Author: Amitanshu Kumar
Are you tired of carrying heavy LCD projectors and monitors everywhere you travel? Put an end to those worries by purchasing a wireless presenter device. This device is specifically designed to ease your work as it comes with a lot of in-built functions. Corporate in particular need to conduct semin  more...
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